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Thanks for you interest in the books I write. To become an ADVANCED reader for future books read the note at the bottom:

Here are my current books:

Speak With No Fear -

Write to Speak -

Lead With No Fear -

Lead With No Fear WORKBOOK -

Grow Your Soul -

These books can also be found as audiobooks, on kindle, and all major bookstores.


I love working with select group of people who are interested in helping get the message of my books out to others. Being on the advanced reader team provides benefits and also requires participation:


  • Free group coaching for the month leading up to launch
  • Advanced access to the book at no cost
  • Free physical copy after the publishing of the book


  • Purchase the books I recommend in the free coaching
  • Purchase my book for .99 cents when I launch it
  • Leave a review in the first book
  • Share with your network

If you want to be a part of my next launch email me directly at [email protected] with the subject: ADVANCED READER TEAM

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