Bookclub - Lead With No Fear by Mike Acker & Steve Gutzler

Do you desire to grow, improve, and gain new levels of influence as a leader?

Are you navigating through the uncertain waters of leadership?

In our conversational book, Steve Gutzler and I present seven shifts to direct your leadership toward your desired destination.

By embracing the wisdom found in these seven shifts, you will discover certainty even in uncertain times. This is accomplished by grounded encouragement, reflective exercises, and practical application. 

Instead of demanding drastic changes, we'll guide you to make gradual shifts over a ninety-day period. After all, ships and planes don’t instantly arrive at their destination, so why do we expect ourselves to do so? Instead, these shifts point you to your next couple of steps instead of a dramatic leap. You won’t be discouraged by the lack of instant results, but encouraged by the momentum of daily decisions compounded for ninety-days.

As you read our book, you’ll encounter inspiring examples and real-life case studies of leaders at the height of personal and professional success such as Harvard professor Dr. Beth Frates, successful entrepreneur Wes Herman, and CEO Rob Waggener.

Lead With No Fear equips readers to unlock their leadership potential, calling you to step into greater roles and create a better future.  

Lead With No Fear turns potential into reality.

Lead With No Fear takes you from worry, insecurity, and self-doubt to inspiration, clarity, and confidence.

Don’t wait. Read this book and make the leader-shift today.


About the Virtual Book Club on hiitide

Learn how to unlock your fearless leadership potential in this 4-week Virtual Book Club.

  • Registration open every 3 months: October 2020, January 2021, April 2021, July 2021
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