Executive communication coaching designed to improve every aspect of speaking, leading from the front, and presenting.

NOTE| This is a highly customized program.

Signing up for SPEAK TO LEAD is about developing your Presence, Presentations, and Platform. Set up a call with Mike to discuss what this would look like for you:



This executive-level program includes the course material from SPEAK TO OVERCOME and SPEAK TO ADVANCE, along with specific videos for preparing for keynotes, embedding values in all spoken communication, and leading from the front. Additionally, each participant is included in the monthly small group community along with the mastermind group.


Six months of Executive communication coaching starts with an onsite workshop (inside the continental USA) with Mike Acker. You are welcome to come to Mike or bring Mike to the nearest Metropolitan area.

For 4-5 hours Mike will coach, give direction, and work with you to improve speeches, meetings, and create content.

After the initial session, there are two monthly coaching calls with Mike Acker.

By the end of the program you will see the effect on your audiences and you will have crafted two to four signature talks to present at conferences, company events, or media interviews.

(Additionally, your admin will have access to a coaching session designed at booking you for desired events.)

Take your leadership to the next level to impact your organization and beyond.

Rachel Richards

Bestselling author Rachel Richards worked with Mike at ADVANCE to improve her Public Speaking.

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Dr. Kelly Henry

This is Dr. Kelly Henry. He's worked with ADVANCE to improve his presentation skills and to write and publish his book on customer service.

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Stephanie Jadotte

Corporate designer, entrepreneur, and business owner Stephanie Jadotte was one of the first students of The Public Speaking School and worked on her speaking and communication skills with ADVANCE.

Dr. Mailiki Patterson

Dr. Mailiki shares her three goals when she came to work with Mike Acker:

  1. Stop speaking so fast
  2. Effectively deliver her message
  3. Become less anxious.

Hear how she was able to advance in her career and find new confidence!