Develop Confidence in Speaking for Your Career, Leadership and in Your Life


This course utilizes video teaching, worksheets, and written lessons to guide you through identifying who you are as a speaker, leader, and individual. You will learn to overcome your fear, gain internal confidence, and appreciate your own uniqueness.

You'll work through four Milestones in this course to help you realize and act on the truth that YOU are the message, and that you are worth the attention of the audience. You'll work with CEO of ADVANCE, Mike Acker and Lead Coach, Aimée Bruneau in four private coaching sessions.

Overcome your presentation anxiety in 30 days!


As you watch the teaching, read the lessons, and work through the course content you will learn how to create memorable moments in your presentations, conversations, and speeches. This course will lead you to know the answers to the questions your audience is asking. You will master the art of defining the message. You won’t just speak; you will communicate material that connects with your audience.

After you learn to master messaging, you will work to develop new skills. This program is packed with mini-videos to show you techniques to aid your presentations.

When you develop strong communication skills you develop confidence in all areas of life. After all, communication is key to our everyday existence. You will learn the discipline of assertiveness, methods to extend your influence, and tips to grow your leadership.

This course guides you through four Milestones to improve your messaging and your presentation skills. You'll work with CEO of ADVANCE, Mike Acker and Lead Coach, Aimée Bruneau in four private coaching sessions.

There are specific tracks for the SPEAK TO ADVANCE program. Two of your private coaching sessions will be specifically tailored to your advancement goals in:
1. Increasing Sales
2. Interviewing Successfully
3. Positioning for Promotions
4. Speaking to be Heard


The Bundle of SPEAK TO OVERCOME and SPEAK TO ADVANCE offers a total of eight private coaching sessions.

The Public Speaking School student body is a growing community of professionals who want to gain confidence in their communication. Each month you are invited to a Small-Group Coaching Session along with your colleagues.

Advance your career in three months.
Gain confidence in and through your communication.

Your Instructor

Mike Acker
Mike Acker

Mike Acker is a communication coach, speaker, and author with over 19 years of experience in speaking, leadership development, and organizational management.

Known for his authenticity and humor, Mike specializes in fomenting personal and organizational awareness, allowing clients to create their own personal growth plan. His approach is earnest and holistic, leading you to a more satisfying work and life balance. Mike has coached politicians, business entrepreneurs, educational leaders, and executive managers in communication and leadership.

As a speaker, Mike has connected with groups of 10 to 10,000 people.


What does it cost to receive lifetime access to the specific programs, coaching, and membership to the mastermind community with group coaching calls?

Consider that:

A bachelor’s or masters degree in communication can cost $120,000 - $180,000.
Tony Robbins’ year-long course costs $20,000.
Dale Carnegie’s and Steven Covey’s courses are upwards of $7,000.

You can spend a lot of money to get what you are looking for!

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